PLAY! By Sephora August Box Reveal

This month’s PLAY! box was one of my favorite ones to date. As usual, I’m spilling the tea on all its contents. If you’re new to the PLAY! subscription service, see my first post for more information. This month’s box is themed “The Innovators.” and contains products from beautyblender, Kat Von D, Kopari, Living Proof, and Too Faced.

As usual, I received another crappy cloth sack as my “collectible bag” — the sack count is currently at 4/5 boxes. Moving on, the tips included in this box were actually very interesting. The brains behind the box created a cool graphic table of beauty elements. “Get to know the hard-working ingredients that power your beauty routine.” The illustration includes essential plant extracts & other naturals, minerals, proteins, oils & butters, acids, and vitamins.

This month’s box is bringing us “advanced formulas and high-tech products from brands that are paving the way for the future of beauty.” Let’s dive into the products!

  1. LIVING PROOF Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo (three sizes range in price from $10 – $59)

I was excited to pull out a shockingly generous size of Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo out of my box. (I placed it next to a container of peanuts for size comparison). I love getting goodies from established brands, and dry shampoo is a product I truly value.

2. KOPARI Coconut Melt (two sizes range in price from $18 – $39)

I’ve heard a lot about the conditioning properties of organic ingredients like argan oil, maracuja oil, and coconut oil, but I’ve never tried it on my own. This coconut oil by Kopari is made from fresh, virgin, and 100 percent organic coconuts, and can be used as a makeup remover, lip balm, deepest conditioning hair mask, bath boost, super shave oil, massage oil, belly beauty balm, and baby butter.

3. TOO FACED Mascara Melt Off Cleansing Oil (full-size price is $17)

At first I thought this was a mascara, but it’s actually a product that takes off your mascara. This melt off cleansing oil by Too Faced claims to dissolve both regular and waterproof mascara for easy and effective makeup removal. Can’t wait to try this out on a day when I’m going full force with my eye makeup!

4. BEAUTYBLENDER beautyblender (2 for $18)

How cute is this tiny beauty blender?! I love that I received this in my box. The original beauty blender is legendary and I love using it to apply my foundation, concealer, etc. It’s so cool that I now get to try its mini version without having to pay $18 for two.

5. KAT VON D Lock-It Concealer Creme in #19 (full-size price is $26)

In the June box, I received a lip product from Kat Von D in a color that wouldn’t really be my first choice (see it here). I love the brand but didn’t like the shade I was given. I’m so happy that in August’s box, I was given another Kat Von D product and that I like it so much more! This is a multitasking concealer that claims to provide 24-hour coverage that color corrects, brightens the under-eye area, and smooths the complexion.

Kat Von D Saint Eau de Parfum | Sinner Eau de Parfum $22-$85

Additionally, the fragrance bonus in this month’s box is also from Kat Von D. Like any consumer, I’d rather get more than less, so I like that I received two instead of one. That being said, I tend never to use the fragrances, but I’ll definitely give these a whiff.

Final round-up:

That’s it! Five months in and I daresay this might be my best PLAY! box yet, followed closely by July’s box. I received a good mix of beauty and skincare items (I prefer beauty to skincare) and am genuinely excited to try these products out. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post!

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