New Jewelry Brand Discovery: Le Primitive

While walking through Soho with my friend Nina on one random Sunday, we randomly decided to check out Broadway Market Co., an indoor marketplace where more than fifty independent artists, designers and makers sell their unique wares and handmade items. While perusing the the various offerings, I came across the most beautiful assortment of jewelry I had ever seen, and had to stop to take a further look.

At Le Primitive’s beautifully designed jewelry space, my obsession was born. Le Primitive is owned by a collective of designers who hand make dainty, delicate, symbolic jewelry. Their pieces are intricately designed and charmingly whimsical, encapsulating almost any icon or symbol you can imagine, including tiny animals, molecules, astrological signs, places, shapes, letters, words, and objects.

(Credit: Le Primitive Instagram)

Their jewelry is made in an extensive range of colors, materials and finishes, and their pieces are perfectly understated and elegant. While I love the look of layered jewelry, I find it challenging to visualize. However, Le Primitive has double and triple strand pieces that make layering so easy. As far as pricing goes, the first piece you buy is $20, and each piece after that is $15, so its incredibly affordable. Here are the pieces I have in my growing collection:

This star/moon bangle is so beautifully designed! Delicate and feminine, it’s just gorgeous.

There’s something about this ring that’s so striking – I think the burnished gold and the shape and setting of the moon and star are just perfect. To me it’s incredibly charming, simple, and chic.

I do have other pieces like this ring, but it perfectly complements my style and I love how petite the crystal (or pave, or rhinstone) arrow looks.

So these pictures aren’t the greatest but take them for what they’re worth. I’ve picked up several necklaces, the first being this rose gold “New York” necklace.

It’s super cute and dainty (as is the theme with Le Primitive pieces).

This might be my favorite out of all the pieces I’ve purchased. It was hard to get the camera to focus on my face AND the necklace, so I’ve included one of each.

About ten years ago I lost my favorite necklace which I had purchased from Urban Outfitters. It was a little heart and a hatchet, which may sound weird, but it was such a cute combo, and this reminds me of it. The little tag says “Love you more” and there is a little heart tucked beside it.

I bought this necklace in a separate trip, so I tried to wear the same clothes but decided to do my eye makeup totally differently – wish I hadn’t for consistency’s sake. Anyway, this is a petite pendant necklace.

The tiny letter is “k” for my initial.

I also bought my sister a piece when she was going through a trying time, and it says “Brave” because that’s exactly what she is.

Le Primitive should be your first stop if you’re in New York and looking for amazing quality, ornately crafted boutique jewelry at a fantastic price. Before checking out the street vendors or specialty boutiques, stop in at 483 Broadway in Soho and I promise you won’t leave empty handed. It’s an absolute bargain, and if you pay in cash, you won’t be charged tax. For more information, head to their Instagram page and tell them Buzzedforbeauty sent you!

4 thoughts on “New Jewelry Brand Discovery: Le Primitive

  1. Trey Writer says:

    What has happened to them, i went there every other wknd pre quarantine, now i can’t find them anywhere, even on IG. I hope that they are all well.

  2. Ann Clawson says:

    Can I order jewelry on line? I purchased some necklaces and bracelets there last fall , when I was I. New York

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