First Impression Haul: Goodnight Macaroon

You may not have heard of Goodnight Macaroon before, but it’s a small business operated, online women’s boutique that’s been quietly making a name for itself. With a growing community of loyal followers, it’s one of those little-known brands that seems to have sprouted overnight. Before it explodes (because I know it will), I wanted to invest in a few pieces and report to you about my experience.  Continue reading

First Impression Review: Romwe

If you’re anything like me, at some point during your time hunting for fashion on the interwebs, you’ll have come across Romwe. Romwe is an international women’s clothing website that sells trendy, cheap clothing for the masses. Tons of YouTubers have featured Romwe in fashion hauls, which is how I first learned of them, and I’ve always been curious about whether Romwe was the real deal.  Continue reading