First Impression Haul: Goodnight Macaroon

You may not have heard of Goodnight Macaroon before, but it’s a small business operated, online women’s boutique that’s been quietly making a name for itself. With a growing community of loyal followers, it’s one of those little-known brands that seems to have sprouted overnight. Before it explodes (because I know it will), I wanted to invest in a few pieces and report to you about my experience. 

ABOUT Goodnight Macaroon

So, what is Goodnight Macaroon?

It’s a clothing line cooked up by “an average woman”  who got the idea of creating the brand one evening, nibbling on her favorite macaroons, searching for an affordable alternative to a $1,000 blazer. That night, she decided she would create a brand that “accommodates the modern, urban Pinterest loving woman” with carefully curated collections that can be mixed into any woman’s wardrobe — without breaking the bank.

To give you an idea of their offerings, here are some style pairings from them:

When I first went onto the website, I saw the clothes and instantly thought “These clothes look expensive.” But the price point isn’t overpriced, and I would go so far as to compare them to Anthropologie and Free People. I waited for a sale to shop because I still personally consider it slightly above my means, so on Labor Day Weekend my patience was rewarded – 40% off everything.


If you read my Labor Day “want” post, you’ll know what I was staking these two cozy sweaters out. Goodnight Macaroon has so many chunky knits, one thing I’m always looking to add more of to my wardrobe.

‘Stacy’ Fuzzy Sweater $68 | ‘Berti’ Chunky Knit Open Cardigan $128

Unfortunately, after placing my order, a representative contacted me and said the sweater in the color I wanted was sold out. So I got the color I second most wanted – this one:

I paid $117.60 altogether – and that’s after 40% off. It comes up to a dollar savings of $78.40. After this delightful two-piece haul, I ended up placing a second order, a blow to my whole “spending in moderation” thing, but worth it for these pretty little things (at least I hope!).

‘Ellene’ Frilly Cami Bodysuit $42 | ‘Eliza’ Polka Dot Lace Mesh Mini Dress $59 | Hertha’ Gold Foil Polka Dot Pink Mini Dress $65 |

‘Drew’ Sweetheart Neckline Frilled Crop Top $49

I love how dainty their clothing is! For two dresses, a bodysuit, and a top, I paid $129. Not exactly cheap, but my dollar stretched and got me four pieces – perfect for a haul review.

The Haul + Try-Ons

Time for the big reveal! How do the pieces look in-person?

‘Ellene’ Frilly Cami Bodysuit – I am living for this bodysuit. It’s so pretty, feminine, and fits like a glove. Not too tight, just smooth and snug. It also has a snap closures in the crotch so you can unbutton yourself down there if you need to use the bathroom.

It isn’t this pink, I’ll show you a photo of how it looked in a different light, on a different day.

Here it is in a different try-on session I tried. It’s a true blush pink. I think it’s a great wardrobe staple.

‘Drew’ Sweetheart Neckline Frilled Crop Top – This top is the daintiest, most delicate top ever. It’s so girly and prim and proper. I feel slightly like a milk maid while wearing this. Those sleeves!

It’s perfect for a shopping date or whenever you want to look uber put together and girly.

It makes me feel high-femme and precious. Nude Kate Spade bag + simply layering necklace = chic on a Sunday afternoon.

‘Stacy’ Fuzzy Sweater – Here’s the scoop – I didn’t have enough time the first photo session to shoot everything, so shooting commenced again a different day (and this time we have outside AND inside photos). So here’s the first sweater of the haul – thoughts?

I like a lot of things about it – the pink color, the cozy material, the stitched cuffed sleeves – but it does make me look a little bit chunky. I think I shouldn’t have sized up to a Medium.

It makes me look a bit wide and boxy. I’m curious to know what it would have looked like in a smaller size. So theoretically I love this one, but there are some aspects I wish were different.

‘Berti’ Chunky Knit Open Cardigan – This is the top I was most excited to receive. Once I saw it, I knew I had to have it. The ‘Berti’ cardigan costs $128, more than any other item in this haul, so even at 40% off, it was a significant sum. I was nervous about how it would look since there’s no photo of the sweater on a model. Here’s how it ended up looking on me.

It’s that quintessential chunky knit, just what I needed for my fall wardrobe. The only thing is – it looks a lot better with arms crossed than just hanging down. The balloon sleeves are more exaggerated and full than you’d think. Some might say it’s a wee bit cartoon-ish.

See what I mean?  The craftsmanship is beautiful, I just wish the sleeves weren’t so massive. Another thing to note is that this is a “one size fits all” sweater so it really had to fit everyone – I suspect this might be part of why the design is the way it is.

‘Eliza’ Polka Dot Lace Mesh Mini Dress – I wasn’t planning on getting anything else, but seeing this dress made me change my mind. I loved the silhouette of it with the sheer flared sleeves ad the pink polka dotted flowy dress.

However, I was a bit disappointed at the construction of it. It almost looks like a night gown, and it’s not well fitted at all. The fabric is a flimsy material and the waist isn’t very cinched in — that tie is kind of loose and long, not really pulling it together much.

‘Hertha’ Gold Foil Polka Dot Pink Mini Dress – This was the most disappointing item out of the entire collection (and the one I was looking forward to the most after the ‘Berti’). When I unboxed it, it looked massive. I tried it on and it drowned me.

The tag said “Small” but I knew it must have been a mistake. It was just so big. So here’s what Goodnight Macaroon did about it after I sent them a short video demonstrating the dress’ largeness:

Hi Katherine, Thank you for the video. Can I ask if you would be able to measure the dress to see if the measurements are off compared to the Size S measurements on our website? I hope to have a solution for you once I have the above info. XX
I took the measurements to the best of my abilities. One of the dimensions fit the large category. I was nervous that this still might not be sufficient evidence of deserving a refund. After replying to her, I was sent the following email:

Hi Katherine, Thank you for your reply. I’d like to offer a refund of store credit of $45 (cost of dress $39 + extra credits for courtesy) to you, let me know if that is agreeable.”

Can you believe that? What a class act. They didn’t even ask me to ship back the dress.


The shipping I experienced wasn’t the best or the worst. I placed my first order on August 29 and received my package ten days later on September 8. I placed my second order on September 3 and received my package nine days later on September 11.

However, I do know they’re a small business so I’m cutting them some slack. While tracking the shipping, I saw that at some point, both packages were in Hong Kong. I assumed it’d be shipping out of an American warehouse, so that gave me room for pause.


Overall, I was very happy with my Goodnight Macaroon purchase and am already contemplating my next purchase. I really respect that the customer support team made it right when I contacted them about a sizing oversight (that made one piece unwearable). They refunded me in store credit and even a few extra dollars for my inconvenience.

I’m impressed with this new brand and I hope if you’ve been wondering whether to try it too that this gives you a better idea. Thanks for tuning into my blog!

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