What I’m Keeping My Eyes Peeled For This Labor Day

As a fashion enthusiast, my budget isn’t as unlimited as my passion for fashion, which is why holiday sales fill me with unbridled joy. With Labor Day coming up, I’ve decided to make a list of all the things I’ll be keeping an eye out for. Come along!

Goodnight Macaroon

Goodnight Macaroon is an online women’s boutique that sells sophisticated, chic,  on-trend women’s apparel. I discovered this brand through Hannah Billingsley’s Instagram (pictured right), and for a brand I’d never heard of before, I was surprised at just how luxurious and beautifully designed their clothing is. You can tell that it’s handcrafted (and that you won’t find a knockoff of it anywhere else).

This coming Labor Day, I’m looking to acquire some fall to winter clothing. Their gorgeous chunky knits are the sweaters of my dreams. It’s now my goal to add at least a few of these coveted pieces to my collection, but I refuse to pay full price. Going across from left to right, the sweaters shown below are $75, $68, $69, $63, and $128 – not cheap. I’m hoping Labor Day will knock down some of those prices so that I can get my hands on these cozy transitional layers.


I absolutely love Aerie, and on any given day I know I can peruse the website or walk into the store and see something I like. Their niche is my style in a nutshell – cozy, soft, and simple. Here are a few examples of some items I like.

Basically, cozy knits, bras/bralettes, and leggings. 


If you can tell, I’m really focused on upping my fall style. If I’m going to say bye to summer, I’m going to do it right. These are some looks taken from my Pinterest that serve as style inspiration for my autumn aesthetic.

hydrate m8

I’m obsessed with these hydration tracker water bottles by Hydrate M8. The only problem? They’re based in the U.K., and shipping to the U.S. comes out to about $17. I keep following them to see if they’ll ever do a shipping sale or something that will make buying these more possible for me.


I’ve been really into delicate jewelry and manicures. They instantly add more polish to any look, and fall is the perfect season to pair them with sweaters for a refined, cozy vibe.

Favorite stores

Finally, I will most certainly be checking my favorite stores for their sales every day leading up to Labor Day. This includes Express, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Aerie, Baublebar, Garage, Ulta, Sephora, Aldo, and Call It Spring.

Thanks for checking out this blog! What are you looking forward to saving on during the Labor Day sales? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to come back to check out my haul.

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