What I Bought This Labor Day 2018

As someone who loves getting deals, I took full advantage of Labor Day sales to treat myself to some new clothes. At this point, I have so many clothes that I don’t need more, so when I do shop it has to be for a good price. Here’s what I bought:


Horizontal Ribbed Dolman Sleeve Sweater – I love off-the-shoulder tops, especially dolman sleeve tops made of cozy ribbed material. I bought this sweater in a Medium so that it would be oversized enough to wear with leggings.

Sorry I couldn’t get the entire sweater in view, but I hope you can tell here what it looks like. I got this for such an amazing price – less than $15! It was originally priced at $49.90 and it was 40% off for Labor Day. I used a $15 reward I had, and it knocked it down to $14.94.


Boucle Sweater – I went to Providence Place mall and showed extra restraint if I do say so myself. I picked up just two things from Abercrombie and Fitch, the first being this super snuggly soft pullover.

I love it, it’s the perfect cream knit layering piece. It’s so comfy and it looks really nice.

I was shocked that this was so pricey to start with ($68), so I didn’t get it for thaaat good a deal. A&F was 40% off so I paid $40.80. I love cream but I have so much of it in my wardrobe that I wonder if I should have bought it in a different color.

This green one looks really beautiful (and unique).

Knot-Front Blouse $48 – This is the other top I bought from Abercrombie. It’s so cute! (By the way, yes my arms are ten shades darker than the rest of me. I went to Orlando in May and got a tan that never faded (except on my chest and face) and then the sun in New York also baked it in, so now it’s uneven.)

Anyway, it’s cut in such a cool way, it looks smart and macho and girly all at the same time. Just try to imagine it without the wrinkles (I should have ironed it). I really like it. But charging $48 for this is insanity. With the 40% off I paid $28.80. Grr.


Oversized Chenille Turtleneck – You can probably detect a theme at this point. Shopping for the cold winter ahead was definitely top on my agenda, and I had been wanting this thick chunky knit turtleneck from Aerie for weeks. Super cute right?

Unfortunately… I bought it without trying it on, and this is the situation. Ugh. I’m going to have to bring it back to Aerie and see if they all look like this, or if it’s just mine. The one I took looked in pristine condition though. I swear I know it looks like I’m stretching it out in the pic above but that was just for show, I wasn’t really pulling it.

Here’s how it looks from far away though – it’s #fallgoals other than the wrung out neck. I’d be devastated if this is just how they come. I guess I’d still keep it. I could layer a scarf over it (I keep telling myself). P.S. This was $59.95 and I bought it 40% off for $35.97.

Real Me Full Coverage Unlined Bra – This is the FIRST unlined bra I’ve ever bought that doesn’t show through, making it the perfect layering bra. It supports while lifting subtly. I’ll find ways to show peeks of it in future outfits hopefully. I purchased it for $22.17. It is currently on sale now for $15, so I’m thiiis close to buying it in different colors.

Aerie Swim Bag – I scored this super cute oversized swim bag for 60% off ($6.38)! It’s perfect to take to the beach. It has little holes where it drains water, but I think that even if I had my belongings in there, if water was in the bag they’d be ruined even if it eventually drained. So, while sort of helpful, it’s not a preventative measure really.


Le Specs Enchantress Black Cat-Eye Sunglasses $79 – Finally nearly down to the last of it! I did some light online shopping at Lulu’s and scored two really great items. The first (and quite possibly my most ecstatic purchase of this whole haul) is this pair of sunnies from Le Specs.

I have been wanting a pair of bonafide cat eye sunglasses for years – years! However, I’ve refused to spend an exorbitant amount to get the craftsmanship I so desired. I finally got my chance during the Lulus Labor Day sale when I saw these Le Specs sunnies. I had seen them before and remembered wanting them. With sale items marked at an additional 40% off, I scored these for just $37.80 (original price $79)!

Call to Charms Royal Blue Skater Dress I got this dress for $10.80. Please let that sink in for a moment – $10 (original price $60). If you hold out for a good good sale (not just a good sale) at Lulus, you will be rewarded. It doesn’t happen often (maybe once a season), but it’s worth waiting for.

Goodnight Macaroon

If you read my “What I’m Keeping My Eyes Peeled For This Labor Day” blog post, you’ll know I was holding out to see if Goodnight Macaroon would have a big sale. They did! 40% off the entire site. If you’d like to see those items, I’ll be posting a first impression haul overviewing the brand and trying on the clothes, so stay tuned.

Thank you so much for stopping by my humble little blog. Did you get any great Labor Day deals? I’d love to hear more about it in the comments below.

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