Shopping Wishlist: Current Obsessions

As a fashion enthusiast I always have a running wish list of items I wish I could buy. After years of shopping and adding to my collections, I’m relegated to looking at things instead of buying them. I’m well aware that I don’t “need” anything else – but a girl can dream. Here are the trends, pieces, and accessories I’m eyeing.


I’m all about upgrading my boot collection this fall. All of my boots are on their last legs and right now, I only have three pairs of reliable, everyday boots and the rest I rotate because they’re old, hard to walk in,  or ill fitting. Right now I’m looking to acquire some super cute booties as well as riding boots/knee high boots. Take a look at these gorgeous tan booties from Steve Madden.

Steve Madden ‘Perla’ – $99.95

While browsing Steve Madden, I also happened upon this strong, sturdy looking bootie reminiscent of a riding boot, but adapted into a shorter style (almost like a chelsea boot). I love the gleaming black supple leather and the crisp edges. It looks very durable and slick, the perfect smart black boot to pair with any outfit.

Steve Madden ‘Dover’ – $99.95

Aldo ‘Mihaela’ – $180

One of my requirements when I purchase tall boots is that they have to meet a certain height criteria, and these beauties definitely fit the bill. These cognac leather riding boots are so sleek and tailored, and I love the gleaming gold details. I feel they would make the perfect equestrian addition to my collection.

Aldo ‘Gaenna‘ – $180

These are #goals for the same reason. They’re just beautifully designed and that classic, tall, elegant statement-making black boot. A wardrobe staple for sure.

Dainty blouses

We’re officially in the wrong season to be lusting after dainty blouses, but a recent sale in Free People yielded these very enticing tops that are *almost* in my price range.

Free People Rose Garden Top – $49.95 reduced from $68

I love this dainty, feminine top (if you tuned into my recent Goodnight Macaroon haul, you’ll know that I’m attracted to this style). It’s all about the little details of this top for me. From the unique shade of olive brown to the puckered sleeves and crisp, modern white pinstripes, there’s something distinct, but darling about this blouse  and I’m living for it.

Free People Sweetest Thing Top – $88

This is another similar style top that I’m drawn to. It looks like a bit of a period piece (very “Juliette” from Romeo and Juliette) mixed with some modern details. It’s polished and prim, but it’s also sexy and a little undone. I love how the focus is on the chest and how the ruffles frame the center of the body – perfect for layering necklaces with.

goodnight macaroon

Goodnight Macaroon is still a brand I’m getting to know, but I’m very interested in their lineup of fall pieces. Here are some items *I may have already purchased one or two of these.*

Delicate Jewelry

I love fine, elegantly designed delicate jewelry. While browsing Etsy one day I happened upon a shop called HL Collection, and they have some of the most beautiful jewelry I’ve ever seen. These pendants are lovely and I know they’d add a classy touch to any outfit. Can’t wait for the day I buy them!

HL Collection ‘Dainty Circle Necklace – $29

HL Collection ‘Initial Necklace’ – $32

HL Collection ‘Delicate CZ Necklace’ – $32

So that sums up my wishlist at the moment. Did you see anything you liked? I’d love to know your thoughts, so leave me a comment below! Thanks for tuning in. Until next time, adios! xo

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