Sunday Soho Shenanigans

Yesterday on Sunday, April 9th I met up with my friend Nina to visit Kith Treats Cereal Bar at 644 Broadway in Soho.

As the name suggests, it’s a specialty cafe that infuses cereal with ice cream in order to create amazingly inventive (and delicious) cereal-based treats. I didn’t know this going into it, but their Broadway location is actually a collaborative space shared with Nike, called the Nike x Kith Shop.

In my opinion, the signage and partnership should be better executed, because I was very confused until I walked around the entire store and found some proof of my destination. There’s literally one sign that says “Kith” and it’s not even lit up.

Inside, the place was packed. The people lined up to the left are Nike customers. Those lined up in the middle are waiting to order from Kith.

While waiting on line to order you’re in full view of Kith’s cereal bar, which is very new-age and tech-inspired.

In the center, visitors can sit around a long narrow table with glass window cases displaying Nike products.

Menus were passed down the line so we could select what we wanted. I thought this was a little too communal to ask of customers, especially because they only passed down a couple menus and there were about 8 people in line, but it sufficed.

Here’s an example of what you can order at Kith.

This is what I ordered:

Finally time to order! Nina up first.

Tada! First, Nina’s concoction – An Ice Cream Swirl with fruity pebbles and graham crackers.

My turn – ahem, not suitable for all eyes.

I ordered an Ice Cream Swirl with cookie crisps and brownie bites. I wish I had taken a shot of the girls preparing the ice cream but it was pretty crowded and they seemed very busy and focused.

Ice cream treat lovin’!

One more pic of Kith before leaving.

While walking around Soho, we spotted a crazy souped up car that was definitely turning heads.

Pretty sick.

To round out the day we impulsively decided to check out an interesting looking store along Broadway.

I think the exact name of it is The Market NYC and it’s located at 41E Houston Street at the corner with Mulberry. Here’s one of the window displays, super colorful and whimsical.

Yet another display.

I’m so insanely glad that we checked out! It was basically a bazaar of a whole bunch of different vendors and the jewelry was amazing. In particular Le Primitive had an incredible selection of rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. They were so beautifully designed and had lots of different pieces engraved with messages, words, symbols, even horoscope signs. It was incredible. Everything was $20 each, and if you bought two pieces you’d pay $35 and if you bought three pieces you’d pay $50. I bought this bracelet:

And two other necklaces which I’ll add to this post when I can. Here are a few photos (sorry they’re not very clear) of the jewelry (I wasn’t allowed to take more than a few pictures).

I really want this little star knuckle ring (kindly excuse the liquid liner accidentally smeared on my middle finger haha. 

Best of all I made a new friend!

I had a great day with my friend Nina and it was so much fun to explore and catch up. Thanks for reading this post!

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