Here’s What $100 Got Me During the Free People Sale

I’m a Free People worshipper but I mostly look and don’t buy because of the absurd prices. When I do shop, I always scour the site for affordable items and save the rest on my Pinterest boards. However, I recently received an email for a pretty great limited time discount (30 percent off all sale items) so I delightedly went hunting on the site and managed to buy a few things, spending just over $!00 (a total of $106.06).

Here’s a round-up of what $100 got me:

Little Number Brami: (orig. $38) $13.97

This brami looks adorable on the model, but in real life it looked a bit lackluster. First of all, it was more neon green then yellow. Second of all, the material was quite thin and cheap feeling. Third, the fit was baggy. I like baggy tops that billow out, but this just looks odd.

High Neck Lurex Brami: (orig. $38) $13.97

I’ve purchased seamless stretchy tops from Free People before so I knew this was one piece I could count on, and I was right! I love it. Such a great outfit maker. This + harem pants and you’re good to go.

Now You See Me Bodycon (orig. $68)$20.97

I don’t know how I feel about this dress. I feel like I’m clad in some type of Aztec, native warrior-type outfit. Also, something about the print and the way it lays on the body makes me look a little round shouldered.

Not An Illusion Bodycon: (orig. $78) $20.97

This dress is very similar to the other dress, but I like this one more. I like the rounded v-neck and the print all over the dress, as opposed to only on the center panel and shoulders. For only $20 I’m going to keep this one.

Pretty Thing Cami: (orig. $48) $20.97

As pretty as this cami looked online, I didn’t like it very much in person. It’s very cheap feeling and tissue thin. It’s also rather low cut and loose, so for those of us with a more modest bust will find it hard to fill the front up. I think this one I’ll return.

Mikey Mini Crossbody: (orig. $48) $13.97

This super cute mini vegan leather backpack/crossbody is tiny and probably not very functional but I love it.  I wasn’t 100 percent sure I wanted to rock the backpack trend as a crossbody, but it’s adorable in real life so I’m okay with it. However, I must say reading this in the product description threw me off — “Warning: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

Ultimately I decided to look past it because I’m sure it’s just a disclaimer they have to include for legal reasons. I have cautiously assumed that this bag will not give me cancer.

In shopping this sale, I collectively saved a total of $211.94! I am not keeping all the items, but I am glad that I capitalized on this sale and that I for once ordered a full haul without fear of overspending.

Thanks for reading this article, and please stop by for more fashion posts and shopping hauls!

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