Birthday Wish List 2017

My birthday is in two months (June 12) and while I’d like to think that I am much less materialistic than I used to be, I’ve been noticing some things I would love to get as birthday gifts. I have been trying to budget, so I doubt I will purchase any of these items myself

Here are ten products  I would be incredibly excited about receiving for my birthday:


I am a planning fanatic, which I still don’t think I’m certifiably good at yet, but love anyway. It’s immensely rewarding to create a visual storyboard that represents your life, and I am the proud owner of an Erin Condren LifePlanner (two years strong!). I was recently perusing their site and came across this amazing pocket-sized photo printer that connects to your smartphone and actually prints full-color, smudge proof sticky photos! 

The one downside is that the  2”x3” print only fits into the vertical LifePlanner boxes when cut in half. This means I’d have to take that into account when printing photos.

Then there’s also the Polaroid SNAP Instant Digital Camera ($180), which allows you to take a photo and print it seconds later! Being able to print a memory and have it instantly versus ordering Erin Condren photo stickers (and waiting 3-4 weeks for them to arrive) is a thought too enticing for me to express.


I first saw this lip gloss in Roxette Arisa’s Birthday Glam Look GRWM on YouTube and it looked absolutely stunning on her. It is the sparkliest most beautiful golden nude lip gloss I’ve ever seen, and looks like the perfect topper for any nude lip look (as the name suggests).

3. HA DESIGNS Saffiano Personalised Purse In Blush Nude £35

This beauty 😍. I first spotted this chic blush nude clutch in an Instagram post by a beauty youtuber I follow.

There’s something timeless and classic about this piece. It’s understated but looks luxurious. While I had hoped it was a wallet so I could get daily use out of it, this piece has waaay too much going on for me to be deterred by that fact. I adjusted my expectations quite quickly, and don’t mind that it’s a purse anyway, considering the elegant design and overall presentation of this piece, which I feel compares to higher end brands. Blush is one of my favorite colors, and the gold monogram ties everything together beautifully.


A bodycon dress is a wardrobe staple of mine. It’s figure flattering, quick to change into, and easy to accessorize. Believe it or not, I’ve had my eye on this one for over a year. I just haven’t been able to bring myself to spend $70 on it.

This is another itty bitty dress from Free People that I would love to have in my wardrobe. It’s so delicate and feminine, and has this far-off, romantic, dreamy aesthetic that suits my taste perfectly. I’m not sure which color I’d like more so I decided to feature them side by side.

Every time I’m in Sephora I make a bee line for the Stila Magnificent Metals glitter liquid eyeshadows. I can’t resist gliding the application across my hand and seeing the incredible beautiful glitter payoff. I haven’t yet purchased these because of the hefty price tag and the fact that I do own a few glitter products anyway, but if I had it my way, I would add the shades Smoky Storm, Molten Midnight, Gold Goddess, and Diamond Dust to my makeup collection.

7. Off-the-shoulder bikini tops

Off-the-shoulder necklines are 🔥 right now, making a major splash (pun unintended) in this season’s swimwear. As a recently indicted member of the choker sisterhood, I can appreciate a top that highlights my neckline. It’s playful, flirty, and a cute way to deviate from the classic bikini style we’re all used to. Shown above are two styles from Hollister that caught my eye.


Charlotte Tilbury’s luxury makeup line is one that I’ve become increasingly interested in trying. She markets her products so well, always avidly rattling off the clinical ingredients and benefits formulated into each product. She’s a respected figure in the beauty community and an industry pro, working with the likes of Penelope Cruz, Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford, Victoria Beckham, Kate Bosworth, Liv Tyler, etc. With a background like that it’d be impossible not to be curious. Here are the most beautiful products I’d be thrilled to get:





LIP CHEAP – Pillow Talk $22

9. Luxe False Lashes

I have a false lash addiction and I’m not afraid to say it. It took me a while to master applying them, but as a lash lover, it’s a skill I’m immeasurably grateful I have. I was surfing Instagram during my morning commute a few days ago and discovered some lash brands I hadn’t heard of. One of them was Lapaige Trends.
I came across this IG post and IMMEDIATELY had to look them up:

(If you’re curious this style is Sapphire)

They’re actually a UK-based lash company that sell 3D silk synthetic lashes that supposedly have the look and feel like mink. According to their website, their lashes are 100% silk, reusable up to 20 times or more, and are cruelty free.

Their pricing is actually very reasonable (around $10-15), but the shipping is almost $15. These are my favorite styles:  Top Row (left to right) – Sapphire, Aquamarine;  Middle Row (left to right) – Tanzanite, Peridot; Bottom Row (left to right) – Pearl, Onyx

I used to think that synthetic lashes couldn’t compare to mink lashes, but after looking up Lapaige Trends, I saw that there really are lashes that come pretty close. So seeing the advance in technology, I went to the Flutter Lashes site. While considerably pricier, they do have some nice synthetic styles as well. I like these:

Of course there were some mink styles I loved as well:

10. Urban decay Moondust eyeshadow in solstice $21

I learned of this shadow from Fleurdeforce’s YouTube video on the best and worse products by Urban Decay. I love it! It looks absolutely stunning, and not as pink as it looks here. It’s a beautiful duochrome shape-shifting eyeshadow packed with glitter. Basically, it’s a scene stealer and I must have it.

Thanks so much for tuning in to check out my birthday wishlist! I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts.

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