Top 4 Ardell Lashes: Review & Try-On

I often tell false lash beginners who have no idea where to start or which lashes to try to go to their local drugstore. It’s ideal to start with lashes that are inexpensive, easy to work with, and subtle. Ardell lashes, which are readily available at most drugstores and Ulta, are very flexible, lightweight, and have an invisible band that makes placement easy. Today I’m modeling the four styles I’d recommend to beginners on my bare eyes with only mascara.


As you can see, my lashes are puny – it’s a sad fact. False lashes are incredibly useful in helping you achieve more volume, length, and depth. Here are four styles that I love and many other people love too.

Ardell Demi Wispies: The Ardell Demi Wispies are probably the most widely used and recommended falsies on YouTube, and you can find a ton of beauty gurus wearing these. They’re subtle but add definition. The lashes softly criss-cross and fan out, giving a doe-eyed wispy look.

Ardell Wispies: The Ardell Wispies are less subtle than the Demi Wispies, but if you’re looking for drama these definitely make a bigger statement. The tradeoff is that they’re less subtle and more unnatural looking. The pair I’m modeling was longer than I remembered it being.

My lashes are lifting on each side, so my application sucked. I should have placed them closer to the outer edge of my eye. They look so unnatural here and very long. But for those with more lid space, they would look more natural.

Studio Effects Ardell 105: The Ardell 105 lashes are my personal favorite and are just as widely used on YouTube as the Demi Wispies. HOWEVER, the “Studio Effects” version is giving it a run for its money. The difference is that they’re more multi-dimensional and layered (supposedly these are customized by a makeup artist). When applied, the effect is a full fan of lashes from inner corner to outer corner.

They truly elongate your eye, and I like how the individual lashes fan out, mimicking real lashes coated with mascara.

Ardell 105: Finally we have the original Ardell 105 lash. This has historically been my most used lash out of all the Ardell lashes. They’re fine, fanned out, and offer corner-to-corner volume. They are on the longer side, and the lashes are all cut to a similar length.

False lashes are incredibly useful in helping you achieve more volume, length, and depth,  These four lashes are great to experiment with, as they are universally flattering and very inexpensive (retailing at about$3.99 at Ulta). Keep in mind that I have hooded lids, so my lashes go right up to my brows. However, these might look different on you. The only way to find out is through trial and error. Good luck!

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