First Impression Review: Romwe

If you’re anything like me, at some point during your time hunting for fashion on the interwebs, you’ll have come across Romwe. Romwe is an international women’s clothing website that sells trendy, cheap clothing for the masses. Tons of YouTubers have featured Romwe in fashion hauls, which is how I first learned of them, and I’ve always been curious about whether Romwe was the real deal. 

I wondered, do they deliver what’s promised? Will you get every piece you ordered? How long does shipping take? Curiosity got the cat, and today I’m going to give you my first impression thoughts on my very first order from Romwe.

First, some background. Romwe is a China-based manufacturer, which is how they can afford to sell clothes at such a consistently low price. After reading some reviews, I learned from other consumers that if you order from Romwe, the shipping will take forever, the clothing quality is somewhat cheap, and sizing is small. Customers have to pay the return shipping fee, but returns are allowed within 30 days of delivery.


Time to break down the T. Promo codes are abundant on Romwe (usually a good thing). However, not when you’re given an exclusive offer of 60% off on your first order and then see only a few dollars chopped off the total. I spent two hours shopping and narrowing my cart down to get the most bang for my buck. I put in the code in and was so confused.

It dawned on me that what they meant 60% off the original price – the one slashed in the background.

Going off those prices, most of the clothes were already 55% off so I was only seeing 50 cents deducted here and there. I had whittled down my must-haves and then had to get rid of half of them. So I ordered five pieces. 5 for $55.20 – not bad. However, a few days later I received an email saying one of the items I ordered was out of stock, so they refunded me for that.


I placed my order on April 8th and received my order on April 24th, so the wait time wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  They also send you a tracking number so that’s helpful. In fact, you can review all your orders if you make an account on Romwe during the purchase process.


Lapel Cat Print Shirt Dress $12.99 (I paid $12)

So this dress on me… yikes. It looks like the online dress in a sense, but in another sense it doesn’t. The shape is much less flared and more baggy. Also, the belt was a more mustardy brown and has zero notches for the buckle to go through, so I just had to loop it around my side. I tried to tug down the material around the belt but it kept bunching up.

Cap Sleeve Pineapple Tshirt $5.99 (I paid $5.60)

This is such a darling shirt! It’s so whimsical and I love the colors of the pineapples. I don’t think it looks too far off the advertised image although of course, it still does have a more premium look to it on the website.

Vertical Striped Wrap White Shirt I paid $15.60 and now it’s $14.99 :/

So this was my most highly anticipated piece, I really loved how elegant and well-made this top is. I love these kinds of shirts and I think they’re just so sophisticated and polished looking. Unfortunately it fell flat for me once I put it on. It’s so shrunken and there’s something a bit off about how the two sides intersect.

It doesn’t look bad with a bodycon skirt though. Ironing might improve it too.

White V Neck with Pocket Chiffon Blouse $16.99 (I paid $11.01 – yay)

I’ve become increasingly aware of how few blouses I have, and I want to build up my collection, so when I saw this top I  felt it could be that perfect white blouse that’s versatile and chic.

Unfortunately this top isn’t going to fill that need for me. I can’t stress enough how lackluster it looks on. It’s this sheer, plain, low hanging blouse with two breast pockets and an odd neckline. It just doesn’t have that chic high-end blouse look they convinced me of online. Granted, I haven’t styled it, but I still feel it doesn’t measure up to the online image. Tucking it in and pulling some over the waistline helps (like how the model wore it) but I can never make the perfect puff above the waist of my pants.


While I was semi-disappointed by this order, for the price, it’s what was advertised enough to keep me from feeling duped. Still, if I had the option to try any of these on in-store, I don’t think I would have bough them. Maybe the pineapple shirt. Either way,  I would consider shopping Romwe again but I’d be very careful with what I choose.

Thanks so much for reading this blog post! If you made it to the bottom, I’d love to know your opinion on how the clothes look, so please leave a comment down below. Until next time guys see you!

P.S. If you want a chuckle read their “About” page.

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