Flutter Lashes Mini Haul

I’ve been shopping at Flutter Lashes for years now, and as far as luxury lash brands go, they’re one of my favorite. They recently had a 20% off site-wide promotion so I finally purchased the coveted “Lash Box” as well as a couple of lashes that were already on sale.

Let’s dive into the haul! I spent $35.88.

The Lash Box 

$24.95 reduced to $19.96

How. beautiful. is. she?!

I’ve been wanting to buy this for so long, but always pushed it off because it isn’t an absolute must-have. However, the right opportunity appeared and I’m so glad it did! The Lash Box was originally priced at $24.95, but with the promotion, it was reduced to $19.96.

Designed to hold up to 18 pairs of lashes (6 lashes per row), this acrylic lash organizer has four compartments and a roomy top drawer.

The eyelash inserts are genius. They’re the perfect shape to mold your lashes around to keep their shape.

Time for the fun part! Trying on the lashes.

Me pictured without false lashes or mascara.

Mink Style: Lori

These mink lashes in the style Lori are fluffy, voluminous, and full – exactly my style. These were already on sale for $9.95 (a huge discount), so I purchased them for $7.96. Woot!


This style, Prestige, is from Flutter Lashes’ Ersatz Collection. These are layered to offer a light, natural, dimensional effect. I love how full these are, and with the 20 percent off applied, I paid $7.96 just like the style above.

Okay my lash application wasn’t great with these pairs (you can see they’re lifted at the outer edges of my eyes), but in my defense these lashes were much less flexible. And despite not being real fur, they look… hairy.

I’m not sure I would buy these again.

Lastly, Flutter Lashes also threw in six pairs of false lashes for free! I was very surprised to see so much in my box. I was gifted six pairs of MakeupbyShayla’s lashes, which are synthetic not mink, so cheaper to produce. I don’t love the styles (I received three pair each of two styles), but hey, I’m not complaining.

They’re so spiky and not very full.

The outer corners are so long. It’s hard to trim them to fit my eye, but the right lash would be the ideal. I just don’t like the way they look.

Thanks for checking out this post! Come back in the future for more hauls.

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