Labor Day Weekend: 2 OOTDs & NYC Exploring

This Labor Day Weekend I was finally able to take my time and put together some outfits to photograph on the blog. It’s really hard to create content when you’re struggling to get chores and errands done over the weekend, so I knew this was my one chance to shine. Here’s a quick glimpse of the looks I styled and the activities I did over the weekend! 


On Saturday afternoon I made the trip to Beacon’s Closet in Park Slope in an attempt to sell a LOT of my used clothing. Spoiler: it didn’t work out. They didn’t want a single item. Regardless I got a blog post out of the experience, and I also took a few OOTD photos. Below I’m pictured in the doorway of Beacon’s after dropping off my clothes.

Jean Jacket: Abercrombie and Fitch | Tank Top: Forever 21 | Leggings: Abercrombie and Fitch | Necklace: Le Primitive | Rings: Aldo | Ankle Boots: Aldo | Purse: Aldo (purse charm from Anthropologie)

For the 45 minute time-window I was asked to wait while Beacon’s Closet evaluated my stuff, I ventured into the Doughnut Plant, which I’ve never actually been to but have seen literally all my life.

I won’t lie, it was only so-so for me. The interior was nice but it felt like any coffee shop you would walk into.

I was a little disappointed they didn’t have more plain donuts. There was an interesting mix but I still feel they could have made at least a few more donuts for less adventurous eaters. All the donuts were huge and bizarre looking.

Can you believe this box of six costed $30? Pictured from left to right, top to bottom are Rose Doughflower, Vanilla Bean (equivalent of glazed donut), Peach Yeast Donut (or Cake, not 100% sure), Cinnamon Sugar Cake Donut, Coconut Cream (I think) and Chocolate.

The fun was cut short when I learned that my neighbor’s cat Tempura died two days prior. I was devastated. She was more than a neighbor’s cat, she felt like mine. I took care of her when her owners were out of town and we had lots of little rituals all our own. She used to sit on the street and wait for me after I got home from work. I love her and will miss her forever.


After giving myself a day to look slovenly and tired, I pulled it together Monday and paired a super cute ruffly rah rah skirt from Express with a 3/4 length sleeve sweetheart neckline black clingy top from Forever 21. I added nude sandals I recently scored from Aldo on sale for just $27.99 and a black mini bag.

Fast forward to arriving in Manhattan — You would not believe how long it took to find a nice place to grab a bite to eat in the vicinity of Kenmare street/Soho. It was difficult finding a place that even appetized me. The menus of the six or seven seemingly nice outdoorsy, quaint trendy places we checked out were so bougie and limited in their selection. We finally settled on a place called The Noho Star.

Located at 330 Lafayette St, the Noho Star is a beautiful, spacious, high-ceilinged restaurant with both indoor seating and outdoor. It’s a very comfortable place to dine.

The ambience was very nice and unlike the other places we went to, it did provide lots of American noveau staples.

As an appetizer, my friend ordered potato pancake topped with tuna sashimi. Yuck about the tuna! But I tried the pancake and it was actually really tasty.

I forgot to take a photo of my food when it came, but basically I had grilled chicken with lime and coriander pasta and a side of fries. I liked the chicken but I didn’t like the pasta at all.

Munching and cutting away!

Close-up details.

That’s it guys! That’s all she wrote and she didn’t write no more. I hope you enjoyed these snippets out of my Labor Day weekend.

Top: Forever 21 | Necklace: Le Primitive | Skirt: Express | Sandals: Aldo | Bracelet: J. Crew | Mini Purse: Urban Outfitters

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