New Additions to My Wardrobe: Edition II

If you’ll recall, I went on a major shopping binge in May and swore I would cool it with the shopping once all the summer sales were over. Well guess what? They’re still not over! My email inbox has been chock full of sales so thrilling that I’ve easily doubled my investment and emerged more prepared for work, play, and every occasion in between.

Here are the clothes I’ve collected over the past couple of months:


I received a $20 birthday reward from Express and a $30 reward for signing up for Express’s Next Rewards, which is essentially a free $50, so suffice it to say I shopped at Express a lot.

Seamless Racerback Tank: $19.90 reduced to $10.49

I love tops that are a hybrid of tank top/bra and I had hoped this would be one of those tops that provide enough coverage to forego wearing a bra. Let’s say I might feel comfy wearing it at night but not on its own in broad daylight. I edited out graphic content for this image.

Lace Bib Front Mock Neck Tank: $44.90 reduced to $22.45

I’ve been influenced by my coworker Erica (who always looks office chic) to add a few more polished staples to my wardrobe. I really like this pretty light pink blouse with lace details. It’s the perfect dressy top.

I couldn’t find this top on the Express website but it was on clearance for $29.99 and reduced to $20.99. It’s colorful, chic, and very in line with the type of image I want to project at work, whether it be at my current job or in the future. I love the tailored fit and gold zipper.

Slim Fit Contrast Piping No Pocket Portofino Shirt: $49.90 reduced to $20.99

The Portofino shirt is a shirt Express makes in several different lengths, fits, and pattern. I’ve been eyeing them for a long time and I’m so glad I waited to get this top on clearance. I really like the pattern and slim fit.

Smocked Ruffle Sleeve Fitted Tee: $34.90 reduced to  $13.99

This is your token girly girl blouse. It has flouncy sleeves and a pronounced square neckline, but I like that it doesn’t look too precious. It’s a nice work top that’s easy to tuck in with a pencil skirt.

Ruffle Sleeve Cropped Sweater Tank: $39.90 reduced to $11.99

I love this top! I have no idea why it’s on sale. Every time I look, the price gets lower and lower. It’s super cute with the ruffled sleeves and very cozy/comfy to wear. A couple months back I also bought this top in beige.

Express One Eleven Light Gray Plush Jersey Legging: $39.90 reduced to $10.49 +  Blazer/Sweater: $49.90 reduced to $24.95

I was in Rhode Island shopping at Providence Place when I saw a whole rack of these marked 50 percent off. I’ve been searching for a blazer and while this isn’t a full-on blazer, it has this loose yet structured look to it that I really like. I also saw these cozy comfy gray leggings marked down as well 😍

Mid Rise Pintuck Legging: $69.90 reduced to $27.99

I was shopping at Express in Soho when I came across a single pair of pants that immediately attracted my attention. They looked very tailored, structured, and fitted, basically a premium pant that looked smart and came in a rare shade, which was blush pink. Once I get them hemmed I’ll be all over town in these!

High Waisted Pleated Midi Skirt: $69.90 reduced to $29.70

Never before have I considered getting a long midi skirt — I’m either a mini or maxi kind of girl. But after being influenced by the girls at work (who only wear very long skirts because of their religion’s dress code),  I figured, let me give it a shot. This pink pleated midi skirt turned out beautifully, and the embellished belt shown in my previous haul was the perfect accessory to tie everything together.

High Waisted Pleated Mini Skirt: $59.90 reduced to $29.95

I also bought the shorter versions of the skirt shown above in black and white.

High Waisted Scalloped Hem Shorts: $59.90 reduced to $29.95

Out of all the shorts I purchased, I’m the most glad I bought these. They’re the perfect dressy “grown up” shorts that I can pair with a nude heel and a nice blouse or blazer for those summer night outs. They’re super soft and smooth, and conform to my body seamlessly..

Mid Rise Lace Shorts: $59.90 reduced to $29.95

These dressy shorts (which I purchased in black and white) are also another  night-out appropriate purchase. Now that I’m 27 I’m very conscious of what I wear, so I’m looking to substitute my Forever 21 or Brandy Melville booty shorts with classier alternatives.


Cutout Turtleneck Sweater: $58 reduced to $13.99

This turtleneck is so cute! It’s super soft and cozy and a great autumn staple. This was dirt cheap also so it definitely gave me a thrill to find and buy.

Cozy Jersey Knit Cardigan: $48 reduced to $26.99

The discount wasn’t very steep on this cardigan but once I tried it on I was in love. You can’t feel how soft this actually is but it is amazing. It’s super soft and smooth, it almost feels like wearing a hug. And I love how it looks and fits.

Drape Front Cardigan: $58 + Fleece Leggings: $14.99 black leggings

This is my one exception that I paid full price for. It’s this easy buttonless cardigan with a shawl collar that has this high quality look to it and is a classy sweater I can throw on to cover up anything. Also shown is a pair of black fleece leggings I purchased that are super cozy.

Active Fleece Shorts: $10.50

There was a whole table of shorts for sale (all were $10.50) so I purchased a couple to wear in the house. First up is this cozy fleece shorts with an elasticized waistband. I really like the color/pattern.

Cozy Shorts: $10.50

Next up are these cozy shorts that are literally named cozy shorts. They have a drawstring tie and are just the coziest, snuggly black fleece shorts ever.


This dress is everything. It’s the perfect work dress because of its professional, tailored look and its high-cut neckline. Figure flattering without revealing too much skin. Plus it was only $12.99!

I also have to shout out these harem pants I got from H&M – I honestly love harem pants when they’re done right. These babies were $17.99.


Ribbed Billowy Tee: $10

This is a nice, relaxed knit top I purchased that works well tucked into a skirt or worn with leggings or a pair of shorts.

Striped Ruffle Crop Top: $35

I still have no idea how I feel about this top. I loved it on the model but in person I think it looks a wee bit like I’m a flamenco dancer. It does fit nicely into that off-the-shoulder trend though, which is why I purchased it. This was an item I’d have to send back to return it, no in-store returns.

Open-Shoulder Keyhole Top: $8

This top was too cute to pass up, especially at only $8. It’s a perfect night out top, with exposed shoulders, a keyhole under the mock neck, and a nice color and fit.

Finally we’re finished! As excessive as this haul may seem, a lot of time and care went into choosing these pieces. I love my newly elevated wardrobe, and hope you will share your favorite pieces with me. I also would love to see your shopping finds! Just tag me on Instagram at @buzzedforbeauty. Thanks guys! Until next time, X O.


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