Tarte 9 Ways to Shine Cheek Wardrobe Review

This review has been a LONG time coming. It’s a holiday release that is easily one of the best value makeup sets I have ever come across, and if you love blushes this is a HUGE one for you. I’m talking about Tarte’s release, the 9 Ways to Shine Cheek Wardrobe.

It’s a sleek, portable, magnetized trio of cheek products, each which contains three pans of product in a variety of shades and finishes. The majority are blushes but there are three sparkly shades that could be highlights or blush toppers, and one bronzer shade.

For just $35, you’re getting nine cheek products (approx. $3.88 each), enough to build an entire makeup collection for a newbie, and a rare opportunity to purchase nine Tarte products for under $40. It truly is an incredible value. šŸ‘ So how does it work? Each stack slides apart to reveal three cheek products. Originally, I thought I could separate the stacks but you can’t. Slightly bummed but it’s a very portable option for travel.

Here’s a breakdown of the shades:

  • Rose Gold Stack
    • snow kissed, prize, peppermint mocha
  • Gold Stack:
    • frosty, slay bells, shimmering
  • Gunmetal Stack:
    • NYE, decked out, mistletoe

How stunning are these shades? The blush I’m wearing here is Slay Bells, surprisingly. Looking at the swatches it looks like it would be Prize, but I double checked my stack and it is in fact the middle shade in the gold stack (which is Slay Bells). As you can see, on it translates as a neutral, warm pink pop of color – in the swatch it looks more coral. Go figure. I should’ve used the bronzer from the Rose Gold Stack but I forgot that day.

Needless to say, I’m a big fan of this product and think it would make an amazing gift, especially for a beginner-level beauty junkie. 16-year old me would have loved this. Kudos to Tarte for producing a gem during the holiday season, and here’s to hoping to see more sets of this caliber and value from other top beauty brands in the future.

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