Birthday Gifts: 2018!

Guess who turned 28 in June?! This girl! I can’t believe I’m only two years away from 30. Frankly, I mourned the occasion more than celebrated it, but I was treated during my birthday week by some very kind souls, and I’m doing a birthday round-up today to share my gifts. ❤


theBalm Foiled Again Foil Eyeshadow Palette – I walked into a Ricky’s NYC with Nick (if you’re in my life, you know who he is), and my eyes landed on this brand new theBalm eyeshadow palette. I freaking love theBalm but I already knew I had too many of their palettes and more eyeshadow than I’ll probably ever wear. So NICK (sensing my hesitation but attraction), secretly bought it for me and gave it to me later.

The colors are so beautiful. They’re vividly pigmented, metallic, and super buttery and smooth. They’re easy to smoke out and so fun to play with. Stay tuned for a review and some looks!

Inglot – Part two of my birthday gift was a shopping spree to Inglot. Yes, I have a lot of makeup, but I’ve always been curious about their products. Nick generously offered to let me shop for a few things, so I went on a mini shopping spree and added some new makeup goodies to my collection!

I got two freedom system palettes, four lipsticks, two blushes, one lipgloss, and four eyeshadows (two of which I’m still on the fence about, which is why I haven’t added them to the palette yet). I’m super stoked about my haul and plan on doing a full review of it, so stay tuned!


Andrea is my sister from another mister when it comes to makeup. We both get excited about makeup, are avid YouTube watchers, and both subscribe to the same beauty subscription boxes. She gave me such a great round-up of products for my birthday, I’m truly thankful for all of it.

beautyblender – I got a new beautyblender for my birthday which I’ve been desperately needing! I can’t bring myself to spend $20+ on something as small (albeit, significant) as a sponge, so this was amazing to get as a gift.

Battington Lashes – She also gave me some goodies from her monthly BoxyCharm including these beautiful lashes by a company called Battington Lashes. I thought they were mink lashes but they’re actually silk! They’re wispy and full, exactly what I would have chosen for myself. These are definitely a more luxe gift, and can be worn up to 25 times.

Luxie Makeup Brushes – In addition to the lashes, she gave me three amazing makeup brushes (also from her BoxyCharm). These are by the brand Luxie (a cruelty-free brush company), which I’m familiar with because I just received an eyeshadow brush from them through Ipsy. I received the Rose Gold Precision Foundation 660, the Rose Gold Tapered Highlighting Face Brush 522, and the Rose Gold Duo Fiber Powder Brush 516.

Ofra Verona Long Lasting Lipstick – Lastly, she gifted me this liquid lipstick from Ofra. Whenever I pull out a lip product that’s in a nude/neutral shade I breathe a sigh of relief, so this was a ‘yes, I can work with this’ moment. Hopefully I’ll feature it in a future makeup look on my blog.


NAILS INC. Unicorn Nail Polish Duo – My friend Lassarie got me this cute nail polish set. Well done Lass! Part of me is wondering if she had someone else pick it out because she is not inclined towards girly things at all, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt 😉 It’s so cute and holographic looking. I can’t wait to use it.


My friend Erica gave me this Kate Spade jewelry set with pave/rosegold stud earrings and a pendant necklace. Super cute! It’s classic and feminine, I absolutely love it and can see why she picked it out for me. I recently had the BEST shopping trip ever at their outlet in Orlando and Kate Spade is my jam.


My friend Silver gave me the most practical gift of all, a Starbucks gift card. This was seriously appreciated because buying Starbucks all the time can be pricey, and I often go without it to cut back on spending. With this I was able to get a little over three VBFs for free! I felt very pampered.


Finally, my sister Diana offered to reimburse me for a gift of my choosing, so I picked out a super cute pair of nude block sandals with a cute ankle strap. It’s easy to walk in and it goes with everything. Plus, I got it at Marshall’s for $30!

Last but not least, I got some cash gifts from my parents, Aunt Carroll and Uncle Billy, Abuela, and Cousin Christina. I truly appreciate those gifts because it’s an acknowledgment that they wants me to use that money for my needs, whether that be saving, spending, or just feeling a little more financially stable.

Thanks for reading this blog post! I hope you enjoyed taking a peak into my birthday goodies and that you’ll come back for future posts.

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