Kate Spade Outlet: Went a Little Crazy!

Hello everyone! I recently went to the Kate Spade Outlet in the Orlando International Premium Outlets in Florida and went a little crazy. I walked away with two handbags, a mini wallet, a bangle, and a pouch. I wanted waaay more as the sales were AMAZING! Everything was 60% off and then 20% off on top of that, but I settled for a well rounded haul with a little of everything.

Here are my new two babies! What would be more fitting than adding a classic black and classic nude Kate Spade to my collection? Both have a chic, soft yet structured shape, and can be worn as a satchel on your arm or a crossbody across your shoulder. I love the soft pebbled leather and touches of gold hardware. versatile hold

Without further ado, here is a breakdown of my Kate Spade haul:

Small Alyn – $114.88

This handbag was reduced from $359 to $114.88! Can you believe it? I’m not a handbag connoisseur so I don’t know how to describe this in savvy terms, but I think it is absolutely beautiful. I’ve become very picky with what I want in a bag, and this one checks all my boxes. It’s the perfect portable (yet functional) size, I love the box-like shape, and it’s constructed with gleaming black soft pebbled leather, not stiff leather.

It’s just a stunner. Plus, look at the chic gold hardware and fun little details like the oversized tassle zipper.

Bayley – $121.28

This is the most ladylike, posh little neutral handbag, and perfectly complements my growing collection. It’s in a classic nude understated color (a little more of a cross between light beige and blush pink in person), and was reduced from $379 to $121.68. I feel so lucky to have snatched this up, because I absolutely love it.

It’s an amazing, quality piece and it’s very chic and sophisticated. Everything about the way it’s constructed I’m a fan of. The gold accents, the charming shape, the soft supple leather — you  can really see all the little touches that make it distinctly Kate Spade. I think it’ll suit me very well in the years to come.

Gia – $28.48

I always carry a million things with me, so when I saw this super cute nude flat pouch I thought it was the perfect add-on to my collection, and will come in handy to store just about anything whether it’s in my day handbag or my suicase. While I was at Kate Spade, I discovered this super cute nude leather pouch and I just felt like it was a really functional piece that would come in handy one day. This was reduced from $89 to $28.48.

Open Hinge Bangle – $21.68

This was reduced from $68 to $21.68.

Small Malea – $31.68

Finally, I got myself a wallet. I wanted one of the longer ones, but they were more expensive than I was comfortable spending, and I didn’t love the inner pockets. So I decided to get this cute little mini wallet which I can throw into my bag on nights out or when I don’t want to carry a lot. This was reduced from $99 to $31.68.

And that’s it! My full haul from Orlando. I was rather displeased with the fact that all of the nude pieces look all the same color. It makes me wish I had thrown in more variety, but I still like everything I bought. It’s a chic, timeless collection.

On a sadder note, I’d like to pay my respect to Kate Spade, who tragically died today. Without her amazing talents, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit, the brand would not have achieved its iconic status. RIP Kate Spade. You left behind a terrific legacy.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Thank you thank you for this beautiful post!! I recently bought the Bayley second hand but couldn’t find the name of the bag anywhere! I was searching online for days with different descriptions of the bag and finally found your blog! I’m so thankful you decided to share your love for these bags!

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