Ipsy Glam Bag: November Reveal

November’s Ipsy Bag contains products from Colourpop, DOUCCE, Nomad Cosmetics OUAI, and Tarte. I have mixed emotions about November’s Glam Bag — while I was pleasantly surprised towards the end of my reveal, the beginning was hugely disappointing.

Before jumping into this month’s products, let’s address the bag. It’s boring. It’s a blue bag cut diagonally with two different blue fabrics. The creative team needs to start putting their noses to the grindstone because it’s just getting unimaginative.

November’s line-up would have been great if it weren’t for the one product dragging down the rest of the group. Let’s go over the products:

  1. Nomad Cosmetics Multi-Perfection Duo Brow Powder in Brunette Brillante –  This is supposed to be a brow duo that “looks so pretty on medium to dark-haired beauties”… How? Take a closer look. How are you supposed to wear sparkle on your eyebrows? It offends me that Ipsy would include this joke of a product. Plus, neither of the shades is anywhere near dark enough to fill in brunette brows.

2. OUAI Hair Oil –  Ipsy slightly redeemed itself by putting a OUAI product in my bag. I’m a minimalist when it comes to haircare, so I’m happy to have received a multi-purpose hair product from a trendy hairline. This lightweight oil “smoothes, protects from aggressive heat styling, and gives you glossy, gorgeous hair.”

3. DOUCCE Freematic Highlighter in Solstice –  Finally, a highlighter! I’ve never heard of DOUCCE but the highlighter looks really pretty. According to Ipsy it’s “super smooth (like purse silk) and so easy to blend.” I only wish it had come in its own packaging instead of having to store it in a palette.

4. Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Satin Lip in Calypso – I received an Ultra Satin Lip by Colourpop! That’s a big deal for me, and a major bump up for Ipsy and this glam bag. I was sent this beautiful shade, and it’s a wearable rose color, so pretty and something I would have chosen for myself.

5. Tarte Deluxe Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Feisty – Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blushes are some of the best blushes on the market, so I was impressed to receive one in my bag. I didn’t love the shade initially, but it actually leaves a really pretty flush on my cheeks.


This would have been an A if I hadn’t been sent the world’s worst eyebrow duo ever and the glam bag itself wasn’t boring. I’m satisfied with the other products and I think I got my money’s worth.

Thanks for checking out this overview! Be sure to come back to see the goodies I get in December! ❤

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