Haul: theBalm Flash Sale 50% Off Site-Wide

I recently shopped theBalm’s site-wide 24-hour flash sale marking the ENTIRE site 50% off. I spent around $75 on $150 worth of product, and am sharing a full breakdown of everything I purchased. Here’s a look at the newest babies in my collection, and some looks I created using the products.

Girls Getaway Trio (Long-wearing Bronzer/Blush) orig. $24 reduced to $12

How beautiful is this blush trio? I can’t believe this was only $12. These are the exact color family I gravitate towards. I love all three shades. I can take this on the go and not need anything else.

Meet Matt(e) Trimony (Matte Eyeshadow Palette) orig. $42 reduced to $21

I was debating back and forth about whether I needed another eyeshadow palette, but in the end, I ended up purchasing Meet Matt(e) Trimony.

However, the pans of product are actually vertical, not horizontal as pictured. Is that weird? It actually changed my overall perception of the product.

The colors are nice but after receiving it in person, I feel like I have these shades scattered among other palettes. I already have the Nude ‘Tude palette and I wonder if I would have liked the Nude Dude palette.

Schwing Black Liquid Eyeliner orig. $17 reduced to $8.50

I am awful at applying liquid eyeliner and I don’t know why I thought this would work. I’ve heard Schwing used by a lot of my favorite YouTubers, so I figured I’d order it and give it a shot.

Do you see how pigmented this liquid liner is? It intimidates me. I thought using this to create a wing would be easier, but actually, it feels very foreign to me. I’ll practice and hopefully get better.

Pickup Liners Lip Liner in Acute One and Boyfriend Material orig. $17.50 reduced to $8.75

How cute are these liners? I mistakenly bought Boyfriend Material -a cherry red- instead of Fine All Over (an orange lip liner that sold out really quickly). I was sad to realize that, as I already have the red lipliner of my dreams, which is Cherry by MAC. I did order Acute One though, which I’m so happy with. I love the color – it’s like a nude-y brown/rose.

Huge bummer – this lip liner literally fell out the second time I whipped the cap off. I tried pushing it back in and using the tip but it just kept falling out. Eventually it broke altogether. 😞

Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick orig. $17 reduced to $8.50

So I decided to order just one liquid lipstick in the shade “Reliable.” This is how the shade looks online.

This is what arrived.

Are you kidding me?! It’s a nice deep cinnamon/tawny-brown shade, but I thought I would be receiving a neutral pinky nude. Honestly theBalm. Get it together! This was the only shade not swatched in their video of the liquid lips – I should have known it’d be a wild card.


I put together a total of four eyeshadow looks, and also tried on the liquid lipstick, both lipliners, and the Girls Getaway Trio. I’m pretty bad at using the Schwing so I’m still practicing and didn’t include it in this post.

In this look I used Matt Evans, Matt Ross, and Matt Lopez in the crease and Matt Reed to smoke out the outer V. I may have used Matt Ahmed over the liquid liner. I used Acute One lip liner and a neutral lippie.

This is a more fiery look – I used Matt Kumar all over the lid and lower lashline, and I believe (?) Matt Reed in the outer V. On the lips is “Acute One” with nothing else in the center.

Here is the same look with “Reliable” applied on the lips.

I prefer dabbing a nude liquid lip (Sugar by Coloured Raine) in the center to add dimension and poutiness.

I paired a true neutral, light eye with a red lip for this look. On the lids/lashline are Matt Evans, Matt Rossi, Matt Reed, and Matt Ahmed. On the lips is Boyfriend Material… the product itself actually snapped so I applied the teeny bullet that was left using my actual fingers to hold it.

Finally I did a smokey look with Matt Rossi on the lid, Matt Evans to blending around the crease a little, and Matt Reed and Matt Ahmed in the outer V.

Thanks so much for tuning into this post! I hope you enjoyed.

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