A Cozy (Mostly One-Brand) Labor Day Haul

I’m finally sharing my Labor Day sales with you all, and It’s shameful how late this post is going up. In all fairness, it did take a while for me to sort out returns, and getting camera-ready, shooting all the try-ons, gathering product links, and writing the content was a long and arduous process.That being said, I did make quite a few purchases during Labor Day, and mostly from one brand!


The Aerie had the best sale of the entire Labor Day weekend. The entire site was 40 percent off, all bralettes were $10 and all bras were $20. Can you believe that?! I kid you not, I ordered over $1,000 worth of clothing, knowing I could (and would) return a lot.

Aerie Vintage Crew Sweatshirt orig. $39.95

How cute is this sweatshirt?! I couldn’t be bothered to iron out all the creases, but it has a distressed look to it anyway, so hopefully it’s not too distracting. I had my eye on buying one of “The City” sweatshirts, but they were all sold out and I actually fell in love with this one at the Aerie pop-up shop. It’s super cozy and comfy.

Aerie Move Corset Tank $14.97

This is THE cutest crop top/yoga top ever. It’s the perfect midriff-baring scoopneck tank. It hides your nippage and it’s so comfy. I bought it in three colors, each for just $10.

Aerie Lace Racerback Bralette $10

I always see these cute bralettes but I hesitate to go for them because a lined, cupped bra provides more support and there’s no worrying about whether someone can see my nips. However, $10 bralettes finally gave me incentive to add a few of these to my collection. I love it but I wish the coverage was a little thicker.

Summer Strapless Pushup Bra $20

I have a smaller chest and I have often worn crop tops, bralettes, and bustiers in public, so I don’t think showing a partial view of a bra is more revealing than that. This peach-y pink, scalloped lace bra is so beautiful. I love the deep cups and how romantic and feminine it looks.

Did I mention that I ordered 31 bras? Yes… it’s true. If you can believe it, I purchased this bra and the bra above before ordering those 31! I have always wanted a layering bra like this and I’m trying to figure out a way to style it so that it peeks through. I hate that it’s unlined and I’m constantly worrying about whether it’s too sheer though.

Sunnie Demi Coverage Pushup Bra $20

Time for the real bras! These three are more traditional, and I’m so proud that I narrowed down 31 to 3. I ordered two sizes in each style so that accounts for half the amount. Still though! That adds up to $60. This is a classic black pushup bra and it’s very comfy. It really lifts and boosts you, and the front closure helps add cleavage.

Brooke Plunge Pushup Bra $20

This is another front closure racerback pushup bra, and like the one above, it’s perfect for wearing under tees. The material is smooth and seamless, and the structure is very flattering. The lace demi cups and the pale pink color help to dress up the bra.

Bridget Demi Coverage Pushup Bra $20

This is my one whimsical bra choice. It has little lace straps that make me feel like Juliette (from Romeo and Juliette). It makes the bra look like more like a little delicate top and I can’t help it, I think it’s so cute! As weird as this sounds, I can’t wait till someone sees me in it.

I couldn’t find this on the Aerie site, but I believe that I bought it for 40 percent off. I know intimates are meant to be worn under clothing but this bralette is so cute that I’m cursing the norms of the world. I’m trying to figure out how to best style this so that it really becomes a staple focal point of an outfit.

Aerie Romantic Lace Longline Bralette $10

I bought this racerback lace bralette in three colors! I know I’ll get a lot out of wear out of these because they are versatile and can be worn as a layering piece, or as a crop top (paired tastefully of course).

Aerie Ribbed Grl Pwr Corset $10

My camera has been having such a hard time focusing on dark colors lately. Stinks. Anyway, interestingly enough I’d been wearing this bra on wrong for weeks. Turns out the lacey part is supposed to go in the back! Oops. I think I’m still going to wear it that way anyway though, is that weird?

Aerie Real Soft Ribbed Tank $10.77

I picked up several tank tops during the sale, the first being this ribbed tank. It’s so soft and slim fitting, and the design really enhances your figure. I would totally wear on its own with a pair of dark rinse skinny jeans.

Aerie Real Soft Boy Tank $10.77

I’ve basically been rotating wearing Aerie’s real soft boy tanks on a daily basis. Judging from the website photos, these seem to have been designed as loungewear more than outerwear, but I don’t care. They’re the perfect base to pair with cardigans, sweaters, etc. They are phenomenally soft and the fit is perfect.


Lulu’s was having a 40% off sale items promotion, so I purchased two dresses and a pair of sunnies for $60 altogether.

Look At Me Gold and Black Sunglasses $8.40

These sunglasses look amazing on the model, but on me they look a little oversized. I wish they balanced my face more. If I could zap them to be 30% smaller, they’d be perfect. This item was final sale.

Jack by BB Dakota Gordon Terra Cotta Bodycon Dress $32.40

Va va voom! This polished bodycon is conservative enough to wear to a work event with a little jacket or for a dressy night out. I don’t always like wearing a mini bodycon so this is a less suggestive alternative.

Sheer Determination Mauve Mesh Skater Dress $19.20 item final sale

I’m torn about this dress. I bought it an X-small and I really wish I had stayed true to size and gone with a Small. I can’t remember if it was sold out. I know this is a nice dress but it kind of strikes me as the type someone would wear to church. It’s very proper.


Finally, this was not a Labor Day buy, but I figured I’d stick it in this post anyway. I had a $15 coupon at Express so I bought this bracelet! I only had to pay $2 and change out of pocket. It’s very delicate and dainty.

So that’s it! That concludes my Labor Day shopping haul. Safe to say this is my last shopping binge until Black Friday. Thanks for reading this enormous post and I hope to see you in another one!

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