Esqido Lash Try-On: Smoke & Fire, Unforgettable, BFF

High school me quickly said “No” to the MAC makeup artist who asked if I wanted a fake lash applied while doing my prom makeup. How I wish I could go back and tell myself, “say yes!” At the time I was afraid of looking “fake” – I also believed that somehow, mascara would transform my eyes into the spellbinding, fluttery, doe-eyed showstoppers of my dreams. That night, my heart sank as I looked in the mirror and saw a lot that I didn’t like – including my eyes.

I had always had an avid interest in learning about makeup, but that dreadful makeover changed everything for me. I made it my mission to never put my looks into someone else’s hands again. Over time, I learned that although mascara can make your lashes thicker, longer, and more noticeable, they can only do so much. Eventually, I tried false lashes, and once I mastered the art of applying them, I haven’t looked back since.

Esqido Lashes

Esqido Lashes has grown to be one of my favorite lash brands. They sell beautiful mink lashes and synthetic lashes, and offer many different styles. I decided to model three pairs for the blog today so you can see how the lash styles look on. Hope you enjoy!

Smoke & Fire

Unisyn Lashes: The world’s first true premium synthetic false eyelashes, made with a blend of ultra-fine synthetic fibres for an ultra-natural look.

The lash style Smoke & Fire retails for $22 (or $36 for two pairs) and is a synthetic lash from Esqido’s Unisynn line. It’s a natural but voluminous style that is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to apply. This is my ideal lash style in terms of the graduation of lashes – not wispy, not criss-cross, just full and fanned out. Here’s my before/after:

I have hooded eyes, so when I look straight on, all you see is lashes and not bare lid. It truly transforms plain makeup into glamorous makeup.

Here’s a shot farther away so you can truly see how natural but glamorous these lashes are. I get so much dimension and fluffiness without having an artificial look.


Esqido recently had 30% off select mink lash styles and this was the only lash style that appealed to me. “Unforgettable” is a very fine, delicate lash with fullness across the length of the band, which is what I thought would give me that voluminous look I enjoy, while being a more understated option.

However, these lashes are very subtle. You almost can’t see them at all, except a little wispiness going from the middle to end of the lashline.

These babies are really more for someone who wants an *ever* so slight enhancement to their eyes or who just prefers a “no makeup” makeup look.

You can see the difference a little better here. There are teeny tiny lashes peeking through against the folds of my hooded eyes. Personally, I prefer a fuller lash look, so I don’t think I would purchase these again. However, others might like this style, especially those who just want a natural effect.


BFF is a tried and trued favorite of mine. It is hands down one of my favorite styles, and I think it’s easy to see why it checks all my boxes. It’s a gorgeous medium to long mink lash with beautiful, full volume.

I love this lash but the right lash arrived WAY longer in the middle than it would normally. It throws off the look because the eyes don’t quite match the way they should.

See? Also, I shot this lash close-up on the next day, so if my makeup looks slightly different, that’s why.

Just pretend that right lash isn’t sky-high right there in the middle (seriously, how did this get past quality assurance?). I do plan on contacting them and seeing if they will send me a new pair, because I do think this was an oversight on their part, and I would like to have even lashes when I wear this style.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post! Which lash style was your favorite? Please leave your comments in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to answer any questions I get.

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