My Future Apartment Mood Board

At 29 years old, I’m in the final stage of being what I consider “ready” to move out. My nest egg is about $5K short of my goal, and I’m itching to find my own space and build a home that’s all mine. I’ve waited long enough for it, and I’m finally surfing for more than just clothes or shoes – I’m surfing to carve out my own personal retreat. Here are some of the elements on my “future apartment” mood board.

Wall Art

I found an amazing website called that specializes in wall art, home and living, beauty, tech, and much more. I consider it to be one giant mood board, and it’s just been incredibly insightful learning how spaces can be defined by something as simple and singular as wall art. I love their collection of art prints, and there are endless combinations of wall art + furniture to gleam inspiration from.

A Charming Desk Space

This may sound cliche, but having a charming desk space is something I really want. It’s important for me to have a space that’s both visually inviting and conducive to creating. Pinterest is a treasure trove of inspiration. It’s really helped me to spot reoccurring themes. Seen below: floating shelves, minimalist wall art, blush pink hues, homey decor (including affirmation blocks), and of course some greenery.

A Selfie Space

This sounds incredibly vain, but I really want to turn a corner of my bedroom into an elegant space to take OOTDs. I love playing dress up and I want to be able to take mirrored photos of my outfits. This YouTuber (Lauren Elizabeth) has the most maddeningly perfect IG-worthy setup.

Here’s a different take on a similar space. I love how cozy it looks, and the creams and neutrals really pair nicely together. It’s also functional, with an area to sit and get dressed, put shoes on, etc.


Organization is very important to me. I want to feel inspired by the space I’m in, and part of that is being able to see my wardrobe and belongings in a way that’s organized and visually appealing. Here are a few photos I pulled off my “Home” Pinterest board (link here). I doubt I’ll have much space to work with, however, so that might complicate my mission.

A Product Close-up Area

I really want to designate an area as a “close-up” space where I can photograph outfit combinations and products. I think a shag rug carpet would be the perfect base. I doubt I’ll have gleaming hard wood floors.

Homey Touches

I want to decorate my home by choosing knick knacks, shelving, decor, trinkets and doo-dads that are authentic to my aesthetic and make me happy. Here are a few pieces I really like, taken from around the internet and combined by yours truly. Some of them are similar to each other, so just take it as inspiration.

The Bedroom/Bed

There are so many different ways I could go with my bedroom, but first, let’s talk about bed. I’m toying with the idea of whether I want a simple bed or one that has storage underneath. I really like the looks of this Ikea bed with a headboard and storage.

But it’s $649 AND a king size bed. On the other hand, this bed from Wayfair is just $149 and it has a nice headboard.

And then there’s this simple bed, which really might be all I need. Having the plant in the photo also shows how you can style your room with different elements so that it still looks homey and lush.

As for the bedroom, I think the rest will fall into place when I actually pick an apartment and get familiar with the space. I’m sure there will be limitations on what I can and can’t do and I’ll be able to get better a visual lay of the land.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I know I won’t have this stunning penthouse apartment or a cozy nook located on 14th street (like I’m dreaming), but just being able to tease out what I like and don’t like is a big help in discovering how to make my space mine. Thanks for reading.

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