What Does My Screen Time Say About Me?

At the moment, my browsing history is a veritable mood board of the things I’m most interested in – homeware, delicate intimates, dainty jewelry, and comfy, slouchy basics for spring. Here’s a peek at the inner workings of my mind, as evidenced through my screen time:

Wall Art

I really want to move out this year and get my own place. In preparation for that, I’ve been looking into different ways I can decorate my space, and wall art is such a great way to do that. These playful designs are from a website called Fy.com, which has a ginormous gallery to choose from. I’ve spent several hours combing their site for my favorites to save for the future – to say I’m obsessed is an understatement.


Abercrombie’s spring lineup is right up my alley. Their new pieces are in colors that I love like cream, tan, blush, and mauve, and I’m always on the lookout for comfy, cozy basics that make for versatile additions to my wardrobe. Definitely going to order these when there’s a sale!


This intimates line -Lively- has become my latest obsession. I can’t remember how I discovered them, but it was one of those love-at-first-Instagram-scrolls, if you know what I mean. Their style and brand ethos inspires and empowers, and their mix of lingerie, swim, and athleisure wear is chic and elevated; simple yet timeless. Can’t wait to make my first order (but I no longer shop like I did when I was 22). When I try them out, I’ll definitely make a dedicated blog post.

Dainty Jewelry

Dainty jewelry is so transformative. It adds that extra polish to any outfit, and makes you look that much more put together. Sleek, clean edges in rose gold and gold are what I gravitate to, and I love pendants, tiny charms, and symbols. The pieces pictured below are from two brands I greatly admire but have yet to try – GLDN and Etsy (HL Collection).

Closet Goals

Aside from wall art, I’ve been completely immersed in looking up style and storage ideas for my future apartment. In my mind, I’m thinking “Sex and the City.” In reality, I’ll probably be living in a waaay tighter space. Ikea has a lot of small space designs that help me visualize different ways to organize my bedroom and wardrobe. Here’s a link to my “Home” Pinterest board for more inspo and product page links.

Switching Up My Look

This last section is a mashup of all the other things currently occupying space in my mind. I really want to color my hair lighter for the summer, and my inspiration is this photo I found from Pinterest (so beautiful). I’m also itching to visit the Kate Spade outlets and possibly add a new handbag to my collection. Finally, there are always beauty products (like these Nudestix lip products) that I’m interested in but aren’t must-haves.

So that’s it guys! That concludes today’s post. There’s nothing more therapeutic than combing the internet for things that bring you joy. I’d love to know your thoughts on this post and what your must-haves are, so please leave a comment down below! Until next time, see you later. xo

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