Review: Kate Spade Grand Street Hayden & Nika Handbag/Wallet Bundle

On Monday, March 13, I received an email unlocking a world of possibilities — an invite to shop one of Kate Spade’s coveted surprise sales. I’d been wanting to get a Kate Spade handbag for some time now, and I was waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. Recently the website was 30% off site-wide, and even then the prices were too high to justify buying a bag. So when I received this email, I knew it was my chance.

Almost immediately I saw a bag I was interested in. It matched all my requirements – it was roomy, came with versatile strap options, was elegantly shaped, and was made of luxe leather. I was so thrilled to find what looked like the perfect starter handbag to my collection, and best of all it also came with a wallet.

At $159 I snatched it up — in total (with taxes included) I paid $173.11. It arrived on my doorstep only three days later.

I was waiting with baited breath for its arrival and was so anxious/nervous to unbox it when I got home that night! After much anticipation (and watching Black Panther after work), I finally got home to an enormous box waiting in my room.

Here’s the handbag and wallet in real life:

Was it what you expected? The bag isn’t as big as I thought it would be. My one uncertainty when ordering the bag was the size in real-life. I would have preferred the website to have multiple photos of the bag, like they did with most of the other bags listed. If you scroll up, you’ll there was only one product photo.

The handbag seemed so large and spacious in the photo that I told myself it would probably be as roomy as I imagined in real life. I wanted a carry-all for when I would be traveling, going away somewhere overnight, etc. I have a lot of things and I’ve tried downsizing, but I prefer spending on a bag that meets all my needs.

In terms of pros, it is obviously a beautiful handbag. It’s very much that chic, classic little black bag.

However, this bag feel so, so heavy. On its own, I noticed the weight, but once I put actual contents in it, it was unreal how big of a strain was placed on my shoulder. I placed one single item in it (my eveyday, must-have, my Erin Condren LifePlanner) and it felt SO heavy. Forget about my wallet, pen pouch, keys, snacks, etc.

Additionally, the bag itself is very narrowly constructed, and while I appreciate that there is a zipper across the top of the bag, I would almost trade it for complete open-ness and accessibility.

The two flaps protruding from each side are rather stiff and wide, obscuring your vision into the bag and allowing you only a sliver of eyesight into its contents. It takes quite a lot of effort to pull it apart and make room for your arm to maneuver. Plus, the lining itself is very dark, making it feel a lot like reaching into a black hole.

Now, to critique the wallet. It’s a long, flat smooth tri-fold wallet with a snap closure featuring 14 credit card slots, 2 billfolds and an exterior zip pocket. It’s made of boarskin embossed leather with matching trim and 14-karat light gold plated hardware.

I was hopeful that the wallet would be softer, but it was more hardened and smooth. I now know my preference is soft pebbled leather. Unlike soft pebbled leather, you can’t feel any squishiness or softness with this. Your hand glides across and you feel smooth, clean ridges.

Inside the wallet, there aren’t a whole lot of compartments — it’s mostly just card slots.

I was disappointed because there’s no zippered compartment for cash, and no other option than to just slip it in those two folds.

There is a zippered compartment on the exterior of the wallet though, so I’d assume this is where you’d keep your change.

Anyway, that’s it! That sums up what was included in my Grand Street Hayden/Nika Bundle.

It’s a beautifully crafted bag but I’d rather recoup my money and save it for another bag that’s bigger and lighter. This one really does weigh a considerable amount on its own, and for me it’s uncomfortable. Thus, I am selling it on Poshmark.

You can find my listing at @katmuniz. I’ve already learned quite a lot in the selling process and will be writing another blog post sharing my experience (and the success with which I was able to sell this bundle).

Until next time, thanks guys!

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