Ipsy Glam Bag: December Reveal

December’s Ipsy bag contains products from a mix of well-known and not-so-well-known brands, with two standout products, one miss, and two so-so items. I received products from Glamour Dolls, Luxie Beauty, Smashbox, Son & Park, and Trestique. 

I think December’s Glam Bag is a good all-purpose bag I’ll definitely be using in the future. I like the wintery theme for the bag – the silver sparkle and mint colored accents make it very seasonal.

  1. Son & Park Beauty Water – This cleansing water is an interesting product to me, as it’s described as a product that “removes makeup, dirt, and grime without drying out your skin.” I’ve used it as a toner and haven’t felt any amazing benefits, but I’m going to use it to take off my makeup and update you.

2. Smashbox Cosmetics Be Legendary Lipstick in Legendary – I can’t believe Ipsy pulled this off. They put an absolutely cult-favorite, lust-worthy, “it item” in this month’s bag. This is the Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Legendary which retails for $21. I can’t wait to wear this lipstick in the shade Legendary! The color is beautiful and perfect for the holidays.

3. Glamour Dolls Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Eyeshadow in Stargazing – I have never heard of the brand Glamour Dolls before, but apparently they did a collab with Lisa Frank. The packaging is very whimsical and childlike (though a bit cheap looking), and inside is a gold shimmery eyeshadow. If I were a beginner I’d love this, but I have a ton of gold eyeshadows so I ended up trading with my coworker for a nail polish.

4. Luxie Beauty Precision Shader Onyx Brush 239 – Ipsy is great for getting amazing quality makeup brushes. I love this flat shader brush – it can be used for concealer, patting on eyeshadow, blending cream products, just about anything. The aesthetic is sleek and modern, I really like the bristles and the overall look it has.

5. Trestique Mini Brow Pencil in Espresso – Where do I start with this product? I wanted to love this eyebrow pencil so bad. But it is the hardest, driest eyebrow pencil I’ve ever used. You have to really press it into your skin and drag it across to get color to show up. If you use an eyeshadow primer though, it’s easier to work with, so it’s not a complete loss.


Even though I got some duds in my December Ipsy Glam Bag, I’m giving this bag an A because of the Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick, the makeup brush, and the gold eyeshadow, which I saw as a good product even though I gave it away. The jury’s still out about the Beauty Water and the eyebrow product was a miss.

Please check out my December PLAY! by Sephora box, which I also rated an A. Be sure to come back next month! ❤

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