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Being that this blog is all about lifestyle, clothing, and fashion, I’ve decided to start incorporating more of my everyday life into my blog, starting with what I get up to on the weekends. It’s nice having these posts for posterity, and sometimes (usually if my friends nudge me into it) these adventures include first-time experiences. A few weeks back I went to New Territories for dessert with my friend Jiali, dyed Easter Eggs with my family, and met up with a new friend for good eats at a cafe.

New Territories

I caught up with my friend Jiali the other night over some regrettably mediocre Italian food, but afterward, we had dessert at New Territories, located in the L.E.S., which was not mediocre at all.

New Territories is a specialty ice cream/waffle shop that takes conceptually creative desserts to a whole new level. With an Asian-based background, the eatery specializes in creating a variety of “artfully built combos of Hong Kong’s infamous street snack (the bubble waffle) with local artisan ice cream and modern take on popular dessert favorites: affogato and milkshake.”

After some careful perusing, I ordered the Prince Edward (hold the nutella and whipped cream please!) and I believe my friend Jiali ordered the Unicorn Parade.

We both paid around $8 each, which I was surpised by. For an insta-worthy snack, and all the ingredients that come with it, $8 isn’t a lot.

Jiali and her gorgeous confection. I admit, I was jealous when I saw how colorful and pretty hers looked. Actually, I don’t know if she ordered the Unicorn Parade, because I think it’s missing the pocky sticks. I’ll have to double check with her on what she ordered.

My turn! This is the Prince Edward with no nutella or whipped cream. It’s essentially classic waffle, vanilla bean ice cream, peanuts and sugary sprinkles.

Needless to say it was delicious and very filling. It was super rich though, so it can become a task eating every last bite.

As usual, a few weeks back I spent Saturday with my family at my grandma’s house. This time, we were celebrating easter and the flowers must have known to blossom just for the occasion.

I decided to take a few shameless snap chat pictures for the occasion.

So, like usual each Saturday, me, my twin sister (Diana), and my dad piled in the car to have lunch at my Abuela’s. Prior to the trip I had confirmed with my cousin Christina that we would be dyeing easter eggs! However, since her 1-year old Madison would be there,  Christina thought it’d be best to try the shaving cream method of dyeing eggs. Terrible idea.

Basically, you fill up a bowl with shaving cream, squeeze some of the dye out randomly and mix it around with a fork, spoon, etc. Then once you finish, you dip the egg in it to dye it! This is our result:

Maddie got shaving cream on her shirt, the table, the couch, and my grandmother’s floor in 10 seconds. Still, the eggs didn’t come out half bad. They kind of have a marbled look to them, I feel like they look like dinosaur eggs. Definitely less fun to dye then dipping the eggs though, all you do with these is roll them around in the shaving cream and then put them to dry.

Insert another snapchat picture. I did my makeup that morning knowing I’d be meeting a friend after. I used a sample of an Urban Decay shadow I received ages ago, I really like how it came out. It has a duochrome look to it.

We met up at West 4th (here I am, waiting and selfie-ing).

And here is Rafael, a new friend of mine, met as an acquaintance through my friend Nicole, and now having officially hung out a real friend. We’re also in a book club together. I ambushed him for a photo here, which I think you can totally tell.

On the way to our destination, we took some pics (all my idea).

We had planned on going to DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections but the line was approximately 2 hours long…

So instead we went to Caffe Reggio, the first cafe in the United States to serve Cappuccino. He had been there before so when our original plan didn’t work out, he steered us right here.

We ordered light. I believe he ordered a pecan pie and I ordered a chocolate milkshake.

And the rest is history! After this we strolled along West 4th and made our way up to 14th street. Not much to see or hear about.

Thanks for checking out this post! Hope to see you in another one.

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