Selling My Clothes at Beacon’s Closet

On Saturday, September 2nd, I journeyed to Beacon’s Closet in the hopes of selling my unwanted clothing. As a fashion-obsessed 27-year old with a desperate need for more closet space, I figured I could turn a buck while clearing out my wardrobe of clothes I simply no longer reach for. Knowing that I would have a ride for Labor Day weekend, I piled four bags sky-high with several years’ worth of clothing.

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Selling My Clothes at Buffalo Exchange

On Saturday, September 26th, I made a trip to a local consignment shop in an attempt to sell my seasonal, on-trend, gently used clothing. Buffalo Exchange is a chain store that sells and recycles vintage and used clothing. Based on what they had in stock, I felt I had a lot of items that had potential to be sold, as they do accept and buy used clothing (visit their website to learn more).

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New Jewelry Brand Discovery: Le Primitive

While walking through Soho with my friend Nina on one random Sunday, we randomly decided to check out Broadway Market Co., an indoor marketplace where more than fifty independent artists, designers and makers sell their unique wares and handmade items. While perusing the the various offerings, I came across the most beautiful assortment of jewelry I had ever seen, and had to stop to take a further look. Continue reading